Karl Fischer reagents contain iodine, sulfur dioxide, methanol, chloroform, propylene carbonate and various other substances. As outlined

  1. The organic solvents used must be handled in accordance with local laws, etc.
  2. Work areas should be equipped with localized or general ventilation systems.
  3. If necessary, wear a mask and gloves when handling Karl Fischer reagents. Take care to avoid spillage.
  4. Avoid inhaling reagents and avoid skin contact. If a reagent comes into contact with your hands, wash the area with soap and rinse with ample water. If you feel unwell after inhaling fumes, rest quietly in a location with clean air. If a reagent splashes into your eyes, wash them with clean water for least 10 minutes and then consult your physician.
  5. If work clothes are contaminated, remove the contaminated clothing immediately.
  6. If reagents are spilled, dispose of them after spreading sand or a similar material over the affected area.
  7. When storing reagents, seal the bottles carefully and select a storage location that is cool and well ventilated. Protect reagents from contamination by water.
  8. When disposing of used solutions, be aware of the characteristics of the measurement sample added to the reagent, and use a disposal method that does not result in environmental contamination.